Help us in the fight to end child book-poverty in Portland, Oregon.

Attention Social Entrepreneurs!

At Bazillion Books for Kids our primary goal is to get books into the hands of children who need them most. We are bringing 1 million books to Portland and we need your help. We would like to hear your ideas on how best to fight book-poverty in Portland. If you have an idea for a program that will help put more books into the hands of more kids, please let us know! Once we hear your idea all we need to know is how many books do you need? Once you get your books, go make it happen!

Attention Volunteers!

Volunteering with Bazillion Books for Kids is a great way to make a difference in the community. From sorting and organizing books or greeting customers in our store we have lots of volunteer opportunities available. Let's work together to get our bazillion books into the hands of kids.

To get started and sign up for a time to come in on our volunteer form